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Set up the right prospecting method for your sales objectives to fill your agenda with sales appointments and acquire the number of customers you deserve.

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Outsource your B2B prospecting

After a free audit of your prospecting strategy, we create together your action plan and your prospecting routine. Get appointments directly in your agenda and feed your pipe without delay by benefiting from the best techniques of the 50+ companies we have accompanied.

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Findcustomer Academy
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Participate in our B2B prospecting training courses

Take advantage of all our training courses that can be financed by your OPCO

Face-to-face or distance learning. Prospecting on LinkedIn, telephone (cold call) or e-mail (cold e-mail), copywriting techniques.

Coming soon - Our online training course

Everything you need to get started in B2B prospecting. All the practice you need to put in place immediately. Have a real companion at hand to help you progress every day.
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Findcustomer Software

All-in-one software to find and contact your prospects

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Retrieve lead lists from the web

To start prospecting you need a list of targeted and qualified contacts.

Search for your prospects and their company information on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or any other website.

Import them into Findcustomer in seconds and start hunting.

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Get professional, nominative and verified contact information

LinkedIn url, professional e-mail, phone numbers,... Everything you need to contact your prospects efficiently

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Send your footage
e-mail + LinkedIn

Designed for prospecting in partnership with the best tools on the market.

Customise and automate your messages, connections and follow-ups on LinkedIn and e-mail.

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Our clients get results. Why shouldn't you? 

"I have increased my network and attracted new business."

"It only takes me a few minutes a day to launch tons of actions and communicate with my prospects on a regular basis."

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Xavier Fisselier, Co-founder and CEO, Hellomybot
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network in the first month
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"It helps me to feed my entire sales team.

"My sales people's diaries are full! This has also played on their morale, they are super-motivated all the time."

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Joan Rodriguez, co-founder, Realadvisor
of turnover
Return on investment
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"I used to clean my Excel files instead of selling."

"I have doubled my number of appointments via Calendly and I have been able to reach prospects that I could not approach easily".

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Peggy SANTERRE, co-manager, Six-continents
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The number of appointments
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Transform the way you manage LinkedIn, transform the way you do business.

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