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Findcustomer VS Phantombuster

PhantomBuster was one of the first tools to provide a solution for extracting information and then automating actions.

Even if it remains a very useful tool, it was designed for Growth Hackers and marketers and not for everyday business actions. 

The main target of these tools, remains people who are very comfortable with new technologies and mass digitization. It can be said that the handling is not so obvious and its implementation, although simple in appearance, remains complicated in the commercial processes.

On the other hand, if you want to easily set up a simple and effective multi-channel prospecting in your sales process and not waste time trying to learn a tool that will need to be used with 2 or even 3 tools that you will also have to learn, then FindCustomer is THE solution you need. 


FindCustomer is a BtoB prospecting tool that multiplies the chances to contact your prospects. It automates redundant tasks, simplifies direct actions with the sole objective of obtaining commercial results. We have decided to put, in the simplest way possible and in the most accessible way to all, all the techniques of prospecting in a single software. 

FindCustomer simply follows the 5 steps of prospecting:

  1. Multi-channel extraction of a list of prospects (linkedin, google, manageo, pagesjaunes etc...)
  2. automatic enrichment of contacts (professional e-mail, telephone, staff, address, APE code etc.) all the information necessary to contact future customers
  3. Creation and management of mailing lists
  4. Contact scenario Visit of linkedin profiles, connection request, cold email
  5. Action follow-up

Phantombuster is good, FindCustomer is good and simple !

Before testing and adopting FindCustomer into their business protocols, the vast majority of our customers have a workflow of this type: 

  • Phantombuster
  • Lemlist
  • dropcontact
  • all linked with a zapier to follow up actions with their CRM


But the next sentence is: 

"We spent an enormous amount of time configuring everything, putting everything in, and as soon as a tool bugs, everything is down."

Phantombuster is an extremely useful and efficient piece of a workflow that has at least 5-6 different tools that you need to (know how to) link together. It makes no sense for us who are focused on closing to use so many tools for simple actions.

At FindCustomer we have decided to integrate in a single tool, all the essential features for an efficient, simple and qualitative prospecting, and thus give access to the digitalization of the commercial prospecting.


  • Multi-channel database extraction
  • Enrichment of information (personal e-mail, telephone numbers, Naf code, workforce, etc.)
  • Connection process ( profile visit => mail => connection => message )
  • Provision of examples of effective cold emails
  • Tips and tricks for prospecting through the Prospect Academy
  • Increase your conversion rates and track your performance.


  • 70% email open rate
  • 90% of phone numbers 
  • 95% of linkedin profiles
  • 750 qualified leads / month on average

Quantity at the expense of quality? My company specializes in AI for the hotel industry, and my business stopped overnight in North America and Europe. I had to urgently redeploy to Asia and in my prospecting workflow of 5 tools, not all were calibrated for this region of the world. So I decided to use which allowed me to generate quality leads easily and in a region where I had not worked before! 

Daniel Doppler, CEO Quicktext

"Being limited by the technical difficulty of setting up a prospecting method"

When you start prospecting, you become aware of the red sea of tools available to you. Sites or influencers, advise you quality workflows that combine 2 to 4 tools to perform the daily tasks of prospecting. 

Of course the idea is good, since each tool is a specialist in its field. And you have to take into consideration that you will need patience and talent to link all the tools together in an optimal way. 

However, prospecting has always required several ways of contacting a prospect and this is why it is necessary to have techniques that can be used immediately and as simply as possible.

Don't look for your customers anymore, find them! 

Prospecting has 5 essential steps to success and performance. Phantombuster only takes into account the 1st step and that's why you can't be satisfied with this tool if you want to get results. Thanks to FindCustomer, you will be able to build a qualified database, create mailing lists and prepare personalized campaigns, shape and send messages according to your targets on different channels, manage your returns by integrating our tool with a CRM and build customer loyalty.