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Automate, yes, but never at the expense of the commercial relationship

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Findcustomer VS Prospectin

Automation tools have distorted the commercial relationship by spamming linkedin messaging systems with impersonal messages.

If you're wondering how to connect with an identified prospect and you're looking for the best tool to simplify your actions, head to


FindCustomer, the efficient and effective alternative to Prospect'In for creating real business relationships.

Our tool has been thought out and designed by sales people for efficient sales actions.


Prospecting path increasing interactions by 70%, daily quotas, spam ban, ...

Effectiveness of campaigns

50 examples of effective cold emails, tips and tricks for prospecting through the Prospect Academy, A/B testing, search engine for better targeting

3 tools in 1

Create mailing lists, enrich them, connect to professional social networks, contact them by email / linkedin / telephone 


No need to subscribe to 4 tools for a total amount of 400€ / month, FindCustomer allows you to save 90% to cumulate all the essential features to prospect efficiently.


  • Multi-channel database extraction
  • Enrichment of information (personal e-mail, telephone numbers, Naf code, workforce, etc.)
  • Connection process ( profile visit => mail => connection => message )
  • Provision of examples of effective cold emails
  • Tips and tricks for prospecting through the Prospect Academy
  • Increase your conversion rates and track your performance.


  • 70% email open rate
  • 90% of phone numbers 
  • 95% of linkedin profiles
  • 750 qualified leads / month on average

We just added Findcustomer to our list of internal tools. It replaces 3 tools I was using! Before, like everyone else, we were using Prospect'in but despite a significant increase in our network, no sales were coming from this channel.

Co-Founder -

"Prospect'In allows you to increase your awareness on Linkedin, but nothing more. ”

No multi-channel enrichment of the extracted lead lists and therefore you become dependent on a single communication channel. It is a useful tool if your strategy is simply to expand your network, but if you want to increase your commercial results, it will not be of much use. Work in multichannel by taking advantage of the huge resources of Linkedin but also of all the information available on the internet. Do not be Linkedin dependent anymore. Moreover, you need to identify other means of communication such as professional email, telephone number or even address in order to give yourself the best chances of getting in touch with your prospect: Impossible with Prospect'In since the tool is only focused on Linkedin. 

Don't look for your customers anymore, find them! 

Prospecting involves 5 essential steps to succeed and be efficient. Prospect'In only takes into account the 1st step and this is why you cannot be satisfied with this tool if you want to obtain results. Thanks to, you will be able to build a qualified database, create mailing lists and prepare personalized campaigns, create messages according to your targets on different channels, manage your returns by integrating our tool with a CRM and build customer loyalty.

Save time on your time-consuming prospecting actions and concentrate on selling!