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Aimed at managers of small and medium-sized businesses who wish to accelerate their commercial growth. Together we will implement the best acquisition strategies, especially via e-mail, LinkedIn and telephone channels.

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Let's set up your prospecting and generate appointments

The Findcustomer agency method in 6 points.
Based on a free audit of your prospecting process, and after having validated together the brief of the campaigns and the lead generation objectives, with an account manager expert in sales and dedicated automation we co-construct, realize and automate your prospecting.

1 - Definition of the prospecting strategy

Commercial inventory
Definition of detailed objectives by sales channel and market segment / persona
Definition of an efficient 360° prospecting process

2 - Definition of the target and preparation of contacts

Definition of Persona and market segmentation
Creation of databases of qualified prospects
Enrichment and cleaning of contacts (email, telephone, company data, function...)

3 - Activation of the prospecting campaign

Drafting of optimized sales messages by channel / copywriting & call script Technical parameterization of sending tools, server authentication & synchronization with the sales CRM
Implementation of response scenarios and automation of conditional reminders

4 - A/B testing & multi-channel prospecting

Sending personalized cold emails by type of persona
Contacting prospects on professional social networks (Linkedin...)
Managing sponsored campaigns (Linkedin, Adsense, Facebook Ads...)
Telephone calls by sales experts

5 - Iteration and optimization of the campaign

Automatic deposit of leads in your CRM tools and calendar
Lead nurturing Optimization of the conversion tunnel and sales messages Segmented follow-up

6 - Campaign review, customer objections and reporting on objectives

Post-campaign strategies
Quantitative and qualitative reporting

"I got my first appointments on the first day

"The implementation support is very effective and allows us to concentrate on the essential: to test several speeches and sequence models. We're faster and we're doing more volume."
Joan Rodriguez. Realadvisor

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