WEBINAR # 4 - Tuesday 22 June at 12:00

Automate, yes, but not just any old way!
Discover our best strategies for prospecting
Adopt our most efficient internal processes

Whether for prospecting or to improve internal processes, automation is becoming more democratic with the rise of "No-Code" tools. It is no longer reserved for developers or the most computer-savvy people.

But faced with the multitude of solutions and features available to us, how can we avoid falling into the trap of hyper-automation? How not to waste time setting up things that take your focus off your objectives?

For this webinar, we are honoured to welcome Pierre PARIS, Co-founder of Mynameisbond and CTO at The Secret Company.

Through his various missions, he participates in and manages the creation of several business projects each year while running his own company. How does he manage to stay on top of his game and achieve all his goals? He agreed to tell us his secrets.

Webinar automation

On the program - 45min

- How to relieve yourself of as many time-consuming and low-value-added tasks as possible-

How to stay in control of your time and focus on your objectives?

- What and when should you automate your prospecting
to remain effective?

- Our favourite methods and tools for generating and processing leads