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Find our best tips and secret recipes from our guests to perform in your business
to be reviewed - Wednesday 9 June at 12:00

Pierre PARIS (Mynameisbond) and the Juliens ( reveal their secrets and tips on the controversial subject of automation. How to earn more than a week a month? What are the automations that helped them take off?
to review - Thursday, April 29 at 2pm

How to build an engaged community from 300 to 30,000 followers on LinkedIn? How do you go from 200 to 28,000 average views on all your posts?

You say impossible? However, this is what Christopher Piton managed to do in less than 3 years. LinkedIn coach and author of his book "A la conquête de LinkedIn", Christopher agreed to get into the ring with Julien Fontaine to confront his Inbound techniques to the Outbound techniques of
to review - Friday, March 12, 2021

How to go from 0 to +800 B2B customers with only 1 sales person and 0€ marketing budget? Dropcontact did it!

Denis Cohen, its founder and the Juliens of Findcustomer reveal you everything! Discover their stories and their strategies to adopt without delay to get a regular flow of ultra-qualified leads for your business
to be reviewed - Thursday, March 4, 2021

Julien Gallo and Julien Fontaine, co-founders of, present their successful recipes for prospecting on LinkedIn in 2021